Fishing By Trap

Fishing By Trap

( – Fishing has been a great way to provide yourself with food for thousands of years. The best thing about fishing is the numerous ways you can catch your next meal, including the use of traps.

You can get started by checking out this video showing you how to catch fish using a primitive trap.

In survival mode, you’re going to have to use whatever you can to catch food. Fortunately, you can easily make a trap that will help to catch fish for you. All you need is some line, a few sticks, and something to put tension on the trap. Of course, you’ll also need some sort of bait. Remember that not all states allow the same kind of baits. Some prohibit the use of live baits, so be sure to check out your local laws.

With that being said, in a SHTF situation, a simple fine is nothing compared to your survival. If you’re in a position to get caught by a conservation officer, chances are you’re likely not close to starvation.

If you find yourself in a genuine SHTF scenario, there probably isn’t going to be anyone around to complain about whatever bait you’re using. Likewise, no one’s going to be overly concerned about the method you use for catching fish. Besides, in a SHTF situation, you will do whatever is necessary for survival, end of story!

To fully prepare for a SHTF situation, don’t just watch the video and think you know how to use a primitive trap to catch fish. You should always practice making the traps to ensure they will be effective, if and when the time comes.

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