Going Cashless Could Mean Disaster For Preppers

Going Cashless Could Mean Disaster For Preppers

(TacticalNews.com) – Paper currency has been around for centuries. However, as time goes on and technology becomes more prevalent, the need for cash is decreasing. For preppers, cash is king, but not if people won’t be using it anymore.

Pro-Cashless Arguments

Cash and physical money have been a part of our society since the birth of our nation. Now, people are pushing for a cashless society — but why change hundreds of years of using cash? One argument is that we wouldn’t have to worry about money shortages if there weren’t any bills or coins to have shortages of.

Another reason is that, without cash, illegal purchases and sales would be easier to crack down on — but this technology could also work against us. The government can easily track any and all payments we make and see what we’ve purchased. Anything the government deems a “danger to society” might mysteriously disappear from the shelves.

Perhaps the only reason that actually has some traction to it is that cash is filthy and could potentially carry disease. Looking back at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, cash transactions plummeted as a result of people believing cash would get them sick.

Why Cashless Is Bad for Preppers… and Everyone Else

Yes, we should continue to move into the future. There’s no doubt about that; technology has truly changed our lives. However, there are certain aspects to the way we live that should continue for the interest of society and, more importantly, our republic. A cashless society allows the most control to people who control the money. For example, banks put holds on debit cards every single day. Some of us might not believe the government can control how we spend our money, but it certainly has the power to do it.

Another reason why going cashless is bad is that not only will every purchase be monitored, but you could be the victim of unfounded accusations simply based on your purchases. You lose all anonymity. Anything officials don’t want to be sold or bought will lose value because you won’t be able to buy it; the government simply won’t let you.

Even if the government doesn’t take control, going cashless could put people at risk due to Internet outages. How do you pay for anything when there isn’t any way to access credit or bank info?

Without cash, preppers and other pro-cash activists may face living completely different lives. Be sure to check out how you can successfully barter to ensure you have a way to obtain the items you need, no matter what.

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