Cattails: An Essential Survival Plant

Cattails: Essential Survival Item

( – Cattails may not seem like much more than ready-made torches. However, these plants offer so much more than just that. In fact, just about the entire plant is edible. Continue on to find out more uses for these commonly found plants.

The YouTube channel David’s Passage shines some light on how you can harvest and eat cattails. David even goes on to explain that if you have the time, you can even make pancakes out of cattail pollen. In addition to supplying food, cattails have these great uses:

  • Can be used as a fire starter thanks to the fluffy seed heads at the top of the plant. These heads are very dry and highly combustible.
  • Cattails, again thanks to their fluffy seed heads, also make great insulation. Simply break apart the heads and stuff your gloves, shoes, and clothes full of the cattail fluff.
  • Cattail stalks are straight and rather long, making them great for crafting arrows.
  • The leaves on cattails are also straight and long, and they’re thick and wide, making them great for making cordage.
  • Again, thanks to the nature of cattail leaves, you can easily use them to make baskets for holding items.
  • You can even make a shelter out of cattails.

As you can see, cattails can be very useful plants, especially if you’re fresh out of other options. Nature has a way of providing people with what they need to survive; you just have to know what you’re looking for.

We recommend that you speak with an expert before consuming any plants or wildlife in your area, just to be safe. Also, see what survivalists think about the Moringa Tree and find out why it’s earned the nickname “Tree of Life.”

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