Hypothermia — How to Avoid It and Why

Hypothermia — How to Avoid It and Why

(TacticalNews.com) – Most of us have heard about hypothermia. We understand it’s dangerous, however, we tend to associate hypothermia with extremely cold conditions. But is that really the only situation in which a person can succumb to hypothermia?

Let’s take a look at how one can actually get hypothermia, and how to avoid this potentially life-threatening condition.

The video explains hypothermia basics and touches on the fact that you don’t have to be in freezing temperatures to fall victim to the condition. So, how do you avoid hypothermia in the first place? Well, the answer is simple, you avoid going out into cold weather. If you need to go out, dress using layers, so you don’t overheat and become sweaty since doing so puts you at greater risk of hypothermia.

If you ever suspect you’re suffering from the effect of hypothermia, find a way to warm yourself. Begin by changing into dry clothes. Then, quickly find an external heat source like a fire, radiator, portable heater, or an electric blanket.

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