Gun Safety & Kids in a Vehicle

Gun Safety & Kids in a Vehicle

( – Children and guns are often the cause of tragic situations. Why? Because kids don’t understand the gravity of what having a gun means and the responsibility that comes with it. Many people carry guns with them or in their cars; add in children, and they could be creating a recipe for disaster.

So, how can you go about safely having a gun in the car with your kids? The answer is simple: Teach your kids about gun safety and the risks of handling a firearm. Hiding a gun from a child is only delaying the inevitable. They will find it, and when they do, the outcome could be bad if they haven’t been properly taught gun safety and responsibility.

A gun should be kept out of children’s reach at all times, especially in a vehicle. This entails keeping the gun on you, securely in a holster or locked up and unloaded.

Some gun owners are choosing to use magnets that hold their guns under the dash or on the side of a console. While this can be great, your focus is on driving to a destination and getting there safely; a child’s is not. So, unless the gun is under the dash and in front of you, don’t use this method, and certainly don’t leave the gun in your vehicle with an unattended child.

If you’re not sure how to teach your children about gun safety, check out how you can here.

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