How to Find Property for Optimal Survivability

How to Find Property for Optimal Survivability

( – Whether it’s a backup property to serve as a bug-out location, or simply a homestead to settle down on, finding the right property for a survival situation can be tricky. Watch as Charley Hogwood breaks down how to find the ideal property on the YouTube channel Survival Dispatch.


Something that should always be considered when looking at property to be used in a potential SHTF scenario is water. The human body can’t last much longer than a few days without it. This means finding a piece of land with a renewable water source is ideal. Even finding an area that has geographical features that naturally collect water is a plus.


You need to account for climate change, whether it be hot summers or frozen winters. Places with an abundance of trees are great for both hot and cold climates. Providing both wood for heat in the winter, and shade for a cooling effect in the summer.

Lifestyle and Sustainability

Land that can sustain your lifestyle, in general, is ideal. Are you a hunter or a farmer, or both? Can you build your home from fresh-cut trees? Consider these things when you look at the landscape, and make sure the landscape aligns with your abilities.


A piece of property where you can conceal your house or other buildings is ideal as well. Land that is hard to reach may also play in your favor to prevent or limit unwanted visitors. Natural structures such as hills, mountains, and rock formations can also provide better security and limited access. Having an area that is considered “high-ground” is also great for a tactical advantage.

There needs to be a balance between all the things you consider important to survival. Maybe you find a great spot high up in the mountain. It’s great from a tactical standpoint, but how easy will it be to grow food? Or maybe there’s no water source or natural water collecting features. This is where you have to make an executive decision, the choice is ultimately up to you. Just be sure to account for all the elements before settling on your final decision.

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