How to Talk to Friends and Family About Prepping

How to Talk to Friends and Family About Prepping

( – The past two years have been real eye-openers. From a global pandemic and civil unrest to labor and supply shortages, the going has been rough and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. If ever there was a time to start prepping for the next wave of emergencies, it is right now.

Unfortunately, not everyone has taken the seemingly never-ending string of disasters to heart. They aren’t doing anything to prepare for whatever is coming next. For those who take preparedness seriously, this can be heartbreaking – especially when it comes to friends and family.

The following video from City Prepping gives some helpful insights on how to spark up a conversation with those who are reluctant about prepping for disaster:

For many people, the coronavirus pandemic introduced them to the world of prepping. People were shown that disasters of all shapes, sizes, and severity can happen at any time and that there’s nothing crazy about being prepared.

When talking to friends and family about prepping, take it slow. Overwhelming them isn’t going to convince them to prep. It will do the opposite. Also, it’s better to keep the disasters to a local level rather than talk about larger issues like nuclear warfare and electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). Sit down and discuss the most likely disasters you face in your area and how you can prepare for them.

Use the current supply and labor shortages as an example. Societal collapse is inevitable, it has happened to every major civilization throughout history. It may not be today or anytime soon. But it will happen, and that’s something we all should prepare for ahead of time.

There is nothing wrong with preparing for the worst. Just make sure you are realistic about your preps and the skills you have. The most important thing to remember when talking to your friends and family about prepping is to never force them into prepping and remember to offer help to new preppers.

You also need to be careful who you talk to about prepping, as not everyone can be trusted. Check out how you can protect your preps using a military system known as OPSEC, or operations security.

Have you tried to talk to your friends and family about preparing for emergencies? If so, do you think the tips above would have helped? If not, do you plan on having the talk with them? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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