Know Your Rights When Armed on the Water

Know Your Rights When Armed on the Water

( – Spending the day in a boat can be relaxing. However, the laws that apply to gun possession can vary from those that apply when we’re back on dry land. For that reason, it’s crucial to learn and understand your rights when you’re armed on the water. The remainder of this article will cover some of the basics regarding boating law in US waters.

Current federal law allows the US Coast Guard to board boats operating in US waters under 14 USC Section 89. Once onboard, officials can conduct searches, seizures, inspections, and can make arrests. The Coast Guard was granted this power to prevent, detect, and suppress federal law violations to include those governing the possession of firearms.

Additionally, the Coast Guard officials can carry out those duties without a warrant. In short, your Fourth Amendment Right does not protect you in the open waters, as the video above explains. In essence, if you’re looking to hit the US waters armed, take the time to learn the laws governing the states your watercraft may come in contact with.

Be sure to check out some of the other applicable laws to consider when you’re thinking of arming yourself while navigating open waters.

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