Military Survival Secrets Behind Chewing Gum

Military Survival Secrets Behind Chewing Gum

( – The US military is full of secrets the public will likely never hear about. Every once in a while, however, a bit of surprising information slips out. Take chewing gum for example. Most people wouldn’t think of chewing gum as something the government would deep a lid on, but it’s been in military kits since the Second World War… with good reason.

You may be wondering why on Earth gum is a standard part of military rations. According to a 2009 study in Nutritional Neuroscience, chewing gum reduces battle fatigue and boosts mental alertness. It’s a win-win.

Soldiers improved morale during World War II by giving away chewing gum and chocolate to people in areas the battles had harmed the most. During the Great Depression, gum brought comfort and shared goodwill during uncertain times. The military also found that gum works well as a suppressant — not for weapons or coughs, but for hunger and thirst.

Stress affects all types of people including soldiers, preppers and everyday citizens around the world. Gum may help in that department as well. A study that appeared in Psychology & Behavior shows gum reduces cortisol, a hormone the body releases in times of stress. Gum may also boost negative moods.

In addition to everything listed above, here are a few survival tips that use sticks of gum.

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