Unusual Survival Tips Using a Stick of Gum

Unusual Survival Tips Using a Stick of Gum

(TacticalNews.com) – Surely, you’ve heard some outlandish claims about items you can use in a survival situation. The truth is, in a life or death situation almost anything can be repurposed to help a person survive – even a stick of gum. Don’t believe us? Continue on to find out how a stick of gum can help you in a pinch.

The video depicts how you can use gum to catch minnows and fish. The minnows may not be enough to keep you fed by themselves, but they’re great bait for bigger fish. Be sure to only use this method in emergencies; fish can’t digest the gum and eating it will kill them.

Chewed gum can also fix items such as leaky water bottles. You can even secure a windowpane in place using gum. In a fix, make an emergency repair on a radiator hose, at least for short distances, on your vehicle.

Gum may also relieve stress, which could come in handy post-SHTF. Not enough? Well, check out how you can start a fire using a gum wrapper.

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