Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting

Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting

(TacticalNews.com) – Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Even professional marksmen slip up occasionally. When it comes to shooting a firearm, there are plenty of mistakes anyone can make – all of which affect the accuracy of a shot. Of course, to correct these mistakes, first, one has to know they’re even making them.

Here are some common mistakes made while firing a gun:

Having a cool barrel is important to the accuracy of your shot. The hotter your barrel gets, the bigger your groups get. Of course, when you’re hunting, a cool barrel usually isn’t a problem. The video above demonstrates how to keep a barrel cool when target shooting.

One of the most common mistakes both new and experienced shooters sometimes make is jerking the trigger. It may not seem like much, but when you’re shooting at range, that slight jerk is enough to throw your shot off by inches, possibly even feet, depending on the distance. Here are a few other mistakes to avoid:

  • Unstable rest
  • Unstable scope
  • Inadequate shoulder pressure
  • Not following through

Something as simple as using a different type of ammo, or how you load your magazine, can also affect your accuracy. Make sure to find the perfect ammo for you and load your mags the same way consistently.

When looking for a new range, be sure to look for these aspects and choose the best range for your needs.

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