Morphing Cardboard Boxes into Zombie Targets

Morphing Cardboard Boxes into Zombie Targets

( – Everyone is always looking for a way to save money, why wouldn’t you? While a zombie apocalypse is a far-fetched idea (maybe not so far-fetched), why not make some zombie targets and have fun while getting in some practice. You’ll also save some money using this method! How great is that?

That’s right! You can save money on targets by reusing your old cardboard. Why zombies? Why not? Most cardboard targets aren’t the actual shape of a human anyway. Plus, if you’re training your children, this is a great way to make the routine of target practice fun for them. All you need is a writing utensil, a cutting tool, and your imagination to make your very own targets.

To begin, draw the outline of your zombie on your cardboard. Then, start cutting, making sure to use long cuts and get a rough shape. After you’ve got your rough cutout, you can trim the details where necessary. All you have to do now is head out to your favorite shooting range and you’re ready to start practicing your new targets.

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