Predicting Weather With Smoke


( – When out in the wilderness, whether for leisure or survival, you should be paying attention to the weather. Now, you don’t need a bunch of fancy gadgets to understand and predict important changes. In fact, you can simply use the smoke from a fire. Here’s how.

While the smoke from a campfire may not directly tell you it’s going to rain, it can give you details about the air pressure surrounding you, which in turn can help predict what’s coming. For example, campfire smoke that extends and goes straight up is a sign of high air pressure, which typically means clear skies. Additionally, smoke that stays low or lingers indicates low air pressure, and chances are it’s going to rain soon.

Sitting by a campfire isn’t the only way to judge the weather. You can even use this same technique by viewing the smoke that comes out of a fireplace chimney, or smokestack.

Predicting the weather can help you plan ahead and get ready to hunker down during a storm. After all, getting wet is one of the last things you want when you’re trying to survive. Believe it or not, this is actually only one way you can predict the weather. Check out how you can look to the skies for a weather forecast as well.

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