Preparing Your Blackout Survival Kit

Preparing Your Blackout Survival Kit

( – Much of the United States has been covered in snow, the most the country has seen in nearly two decades. Unfortunately, this weather has knocked out power to millions of people. Power loss in these weather conditions can quickly turn fatal, and blackout kits are essential.

We take our power grid for granted without realizing just how fragile it is. So, what should be included in your blackout kit? Begin with the essentials like food, water, and shelter.

It may seem unusual to talk about shelter when you’re inside your home. However, in colder weather like this, a power outage can leave you in the cold. Having a tent or a way to make shelter inside your home to create a microclimate will significantly help. Adding a few tarps to your kit will help you make a shelter, and you can use them to create a floor barrier.

You should also be sure to have extra blankets and warm clothing. Lighting sources are always good to have. Headlamps, flashlights, lanterns, candles, and glowsticks are all great sources of light and can be placed in your blackout kit, but don’t forget batteries! You should also include a first-aid kit, and it wouldn’t hurt to toss in a trauma kit. Additionally, you should have an emergency radio on hand to keep knowledge of the weather up-to-date.

Power outages are common and can be quite dangerous depending on weather and other factors. Do you know what you should do first when the power goes out? Check out the answer here. You may be surprised.

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