Riots/Civil Unrest: How to Create a Vehicle Defense Kit

Riots/Civil Unrest: How to Create a Vehicle Defense Kit

( – Any one of us could be the victim of an attack at any time. You could be sitting in a restaurant or perhaps your car. Whatever the case may be, you need to train for different scenarios to protect yourself. Nick Drossos demonstrates one way you can defend yourself in a car in the following video.

While the video does show how you could react in a defense situation, it doesn’t describe how to make a vehicle defense kit.

Creating a Vehicle Defense Kit

One part of your vehicle defense kit should be a small fire extinguisher. Yes, there should be one in your car anyway. However, it’s important to have an additional fire extinguisher for riots and unrest.

Next, be sure you have some OC spray, a kind of pepper spray. Bear spray can also be used. However, be careful not to discharge the spray inside the vehicle. It’s not recommended to leave OC spray in your vehicle as it can explode when exposed to heat long enough.

Masks, safety glasses, eyewash, and decontamination wipes should also be in your vehicle. These items should be in your kit due to the chance of being exposed to OC spray, smoke, tear gas, or flying objects when encountering a riot or other form of civil unrest.

Your vehicle defense supplies should include a full trauma kit. You should also add a glass breaker or rescue tool to your kit if you ever need to break out of your vehicle.

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