Shotgun Home Defense Tips

Shotgun Home Defense Tips

( – Many people view shotguns as the ultimate home defense tool. Unfortunately, a lot of that praise comes from myths about both the firearm and the projectiles. It’s true that shotguns are great for home defense, but we still need to be extremely cautious with them, as we would with any firearm.

Shotguns serve as a great option for home defense due to both their stopping power and their ability to utilize ammo with less penetration. Regrettably, one myth – that you don’t have to worry about the pellets going through walls – can lead to devastating consequences. Inside a home, in close quarters, you should be extremely concerned about pellets getting through drywall and even some wood paneling.

Another common myth about shotguns is that you don’t need to aim them because the shot spreads. While it’s true that the shot does spread, it doesn’t web out that much. In order for you not to need to aim, the intruder would have to be close enough to be able to grab your weapon.

When you go to clear a room, don’t take your time going through the doorway, which gives the intruder a chance to grab the barrel of your weapon and possibly disarm you. Always keep your back to the wall and be aware of any furniture to prevent surprise attacks. A good idea is to keep your interior doors open so you don’t have to worry about giving your location away by opening them.

Shotguns are intimidating, but don’t count on the sound of your 12-gauge racking to be enough to scare off intruders. You may make the situation worse by causing the intruder to panic, so you need to be vigilant. A cornered human can be as unpredictable as a cornered animal.

If you don’t have a shotgun, but you do possess a handgun for home defense and are curious about clearing your home, we’ve got you covered. Check out how you can clear rooms safely and effectively on your own.

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