Stealth and Survival: How to Make a Smokeless Fire


( – The ability to create fire in a survival situation is incredibly important. Fire provides warmth, the ability to cook food and a way to boil water for purification. However, smoke from a fire can compromise your safety in a survival situation. During an “escape and evasion” (ENE) event in which hiding from raiders, rioters or even invading forces is necessary, a fire can give away your position—and put your life in danger.

In the following video, Primitive Pathways shows how you can avoid detection by creating a smokeless fire:

Creating a smokeless fire begins with selecting the right kind of fuel. Small, dry twigs are required. These twigs shouldn’t be any larger than the width of a pencil. Twigs collected from above the ground are often best, as they are the driest.

Begin by breaking off the smallest twigs and stacking them in a pile on top of dry grass, leaves or paper. Ignite this tinder which, will begin to burn the small twigs. For the first minute or so, as the fire gains traction, smoke will be present. The smoke will quickly dissipate, however, and you’ll be left with a smokeless fire.

It’s important not to over-feed the fire with twigs, as large quantities of fuel will cause it to create smoke—which defeats the purpose of building this particular type of fire. Adding a few twigs at a time will keep the fire burning without revealing your position with plumes of smoke.

If you need to put the fire out in a hurry, spewing a few mouthfuls of water onto it will do the trick. Handfuls of dirt will also work to extinguish the fire, creating little to no smoke in the process.

Having a smokeless fire can keep your presence hidden, but remember, fires still emit light and odors. If your life depends on staying concealed, it’s better to not have a fire unless you really have no other choice to stay alive.

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