Street Smart… Or Untapped Knowledge?

Street Smart… Or Untapped Knowledge?

( – Summer is coming to an end, and dare we say, winter is coming. With the change in seasons, we know it’s going to get cold and potentially dangerous outside. While many of us live in the comfort of our homes, some people are less fortunate or down on their luck and must brave the elements in order to survive. There are a few strategies we can learn from these people.

Unfortunately, most people think less of the homeless; whether it be by choice or some other reason, these people live very different lives from what we’d consider the norm. However, homeless people have learned how to survive without all the luxuries the rest of us take for granted; we really can learn a thing or two from them.

The video above shows one man who’s chosen to be homeless for personal reasons. He’s also a survivalist looking to share his knowledge of surviving with others whether they’re homeless or not. You really never know when it could be you on the sidewalk begging for spare change.

Here are a few strategies used by the homeless that anyone can use in a survival situation:

  • Dress in layers to trap in body heat and stay dry.
  • Use newspapers for insulation, bedding or even as toilet paper.
  • Keep water bottles. Filling these containers with hot water can keep a person warm when they are stuffed into pockets. In a pinch, even urine will work for this purpose.
  • Body heat saves lives, so cuddling up at night can help fight off the cold.
  • Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. The homeless rarely stay in one place long and are always prepared to pack up on move quickly. This strategy applies to survival as well. Always repack your survival gear as soon as you’re done using it just in case a hasty retreat is needed. Better to be ready to go than to leave life-saving tools behind.

With cold weather just months away, and those of us who don’t have a place to stay need to start thinking about ways to stay warm and safe. Whether you’re in the wild or the concrete jungle, hypothermia is your biggest enemy during the colder parts of the year. Be sure to know how to avoid this serious medical condition and find shelter, warmth and food anywhere you can.

Have you ever thought about how much a person can learn from the homeless? Do you think these tips could help save a person’s life during an emergency? Reply to your email and share your thoughts, we would love to hear from you!

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