Superglue — A Powerful Tool For Survival

Superglue — Who Knew?

( – People typically use superglue to fix glass and plastic items due to its quick drying time and strong bond. Superglue can also be counted on in a survival situation for several reasons. One example, as shown in the video, is using it to seal wounds.

One should be advised not to use superglue on certain wounds, such as:

  • Facial wounds.
  • Deep, bleeding cuts.
  • Dirty wounds.
  • Animal bites.
  • Wounds that could be infected.

Superglue is also a great way to remove splinters. If you have one, simply put some superglue on the area. Then, let it dry completely, and peel off the glue. The splinter should come out along with the glue once you remove it.

There are several other items you can use beyond their intended purpose. For instance, check out how you can use bandanas in a survival situation.

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