Surprising Benefits of Cooking With Cast Iron

Surprising Benefits of Cooking With Cast Iron

( – For many people, cast iron skillets and other cookware are a thing of the past. Of course, they may not realize the adverse effects that Teflon and other non-stick pans have on our health. With cast iron cookware, the benefits go beyond the taste of our food. Find out why cast iron cookware should be in every kitchen.

A properly seasoned piece of cast iron cookware doesn’t require the use of oils. Not only does this free up some room in your pack, but it also stops you from eating oil-intense foods or harmful chemical sprays.

In addition to preventing you from putting chemicals in your body that don’t need to be there, cast iron cookware has other health benefits. For example, cooking with cast iron pots and pans help supply the body with iron, which is important after SHTF as it may be your only source of iron.

This cookware can outlast you and likely your grandchildren’s grandchildren. Not to mention cast iron can also double as a weapon under the right circumstances. Your cast iron skillet isn’t the only improvised weapon in your home. Be sure to check out how these common tools can help you defend yourself.

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