Survival Food That Lasts Forever

Survival Food That Lasts Forever

( – One of our biggest worries when it comes to survival is food; without it we’ll eventually starve. With both canned and dried goods come expiration dates and possible bacterial or fungal growth — that is unless you choose to make a food that lasts forever.

Hardtack is a type of cracker or biscuit composed of water and flour and sometimes salt, so it’s straightforward and easy to make. The process is easy; even children can do it. Simply mix 2 cups of flour with ½ – ¾ cups of water and add one-half teaspoon of salt if desired. The video explains in greater detail what consistency your dough should be before baking as well as the temperature and length of time.

In addition to the ease of creation, hardtack can last up to, if not longer than, 100 years if adequately stored. While not a permanent solution, this food can sustain the human body for about two or three months, which is more than enough time to find other sources.

Hardtack can be a great choice to get by during hard times, but proper nutrition is also important. You can’t always choose what you eat when surviving, but when you do, you need to know how to choose the best diet.

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