Survival Tips Using a Safety Pin

Survival Tips Using a Safety Pin

( – There are literally hundreds of items you can find that can be helpful in a survival situation. In previous articles, we’ve covered Q-tips, plastic bags and even children’s toys. Now, let’s take a look at how a safety pin can be helpful.

The video above is a great example of how a safety pin can work far beyond its intended use. In addition to keeping your hooks organized, a safety pin can also be crafted into a fishing hook itself. You can use it for more than just catching fish; in fact, hooks are a great way to attach bait to traps.

Thanks to the little hole in each safety pin, they can be used to repair missing eyelets on fishing poles. You can also roll your sleeves and pant legs and hold them in place with safety pins to make crude gaiters to avoid chiggers and other insect bites.

In emergencies, a safety pin can work to lance a boil or blister. After all, it’s basically a needle. Safety pins can also help in creating camouflage as well by allowing you to easily attach branches, sticks and other foliage to yourself.

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