Tips For New Female Shooters

Tips For New Female Shooters

( – Every new shooter has barriers they need to climb before becoming efficient with their firearms. However, this is sometimes more difficult for women due to physical constraints and the nature of the community they’re entering. Here are some tips for the females who are new to shooting.

First things first, you need to find a gun that fits you and feels comfortable. Look for these four key points when shopping for a firearm:

  1. You can rack the slide.
  2. You can comfortably reach around the trigger guard.
  3. You’re able to pull the trigger with your finger.
  4. You can hold the firearm with proper gripping.

You also need to identify and understand why you want to purchase a firearm. For many women, it’s self-defense. While men may dominate the gun community, women are quickly gaining ground in the industry.

Choosing the right caliber is everything. Most new shooters start with the .22 cal, though 9mm is an excellent balance between felt recoil and efficacy. Additionally, choosing a large gun chambered in a small caliber will help you control your firearm.

Don’t be afraid to join a gun club or get help from professionals. Everyone has to start somewhere. It can be intimidating mixing with a bunch of experts. But remember that you’re new, and it’s normal not to understand every term they use. Remember, you should never be afraid to ask for help.

A good holster will get you a long way, but maybe not as much as being patient will. You need to take your time learning the ins-and-outs of using a firearm. Never rush yourself; that’s how mistakes are made, and errors can be fatal when handling a gun.

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