Can You Survive With the Items in Your Pocket?

Disaster Strikes — Can You Survive With the Items in Your Pocket?

( – Not every disaster is going to strike while you’re conveniently at home. There may come a time where you’re forced to survive with what’s in your pocket. You may be prepared for the worst when you’re at home, camping, or in your car or truck. But are you prepared for the worst on the go with only the items you routinely carry?

What You Might Be Carrying Already

There are many useful survival items you probably carry in your pockets at least part of the time. For instance, many people have a favorite pocket knife they carry with them most of the time.

Likewise, many people carry a lighter — an essential item in many emergency situations. But what other items should be carried every day?

What You Can Add to Your Pockets

Now that we’ve covered the items you may already be carrying in your pockets, let’s discuss a few things you can add to increase your chance of surviving an emergency.

For example, you might consider carrying a small whistle with you. You can use it to signal rescuers or to frighten off predators. Likewise, you might consider adding a small mace container with you.

Other useful items include paracord, snacks, a first-aid pack, waterproof matches, and a compass. For more experienced survivalists, carrying a small flint and steel is advisable.


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what to carry in your pockets. Make sure you consider the time of the year and expected weather trends (like frequent snow, rain, or drought). Try to be ready for whatever nature may throw at you.

To see how you can create a micro survival kit that can easily fit into a purse or pocket, check out our article on Tic-Tak emergency kits here.

Do you keep survival items in your pockets when you leave the house? If so, what do you take with you? If not, do you plan to start? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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