Treating Knife Wounds in a Survival Situation

Treating Knife Wounds in a Survival Situation

( – Knife wounds are common injuries in the backcountry. While emergency services are arguably the best option to treat a knife wound, we shouldn’t rely on them as they aren’t always an option. A cut while camping is going to bleed for quite a while before an ambulance can arrive – if there’s even enough reception to call for one.

Let’s take a look at how you can treat knife injuries on your own.

The video above gives some good knife safety tips as well as a demonstration on how to treat a minor cut. It also describes more serious injuries and where they occur. Never pull a knife out if you’ve been stabbed as it may make your problem worse.

The most common place to sustain a knife wound is on the hands, although the injury can occur in more severe parts of the body such as the chest or head. If the injury is severe, medical attention should be a priority. If help is improbable, you may have no choice but to treat the wound on your own.

Cuts and puncture wounds can easily become infected, especially in survival situations. Be sure to see how you can fight infections naturally as OTC medicine won’t likely be available in the wilderness.

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