Vending Machine Dangers Few People Know

Vending Machine Dangers Few People Know

( – Vending machines are a convenient way to buy food and drinks and also dispense them. No one needs to be physically on site to sell the products, so owners can make easy income from nearly anywhere. As beneficial as they might be, they also have a dark side.

Vending machines are responsible for 1,700 injuries every year, according to reports, and in some rare instances, they even kill. Between 1978 and 1995, there were 37 deaths attributed to vending machines, which means you have a 1 in 112 million chance of being killed by one. According to these figures, vending machines are deadlier than sharks.

Many of these casualties come from people being impatient with the machines and shaking or rocking them to gain trapped items. However, as many people likely realize, these machines are heavy, and with enough tilt, they can fall on top of their attackers.

Vending machine falls are the leading cause of injuries and deaths due to toppled fixtures. About 89% of people who survive their encounters with these deadly machines don’t require any treatment, whereas the other 11% need to be hospitalized.

Vending machines will no doubt be targeted for food and water in the aftermath of a large-scale disaster. But, as the data above shows, they could prove fatal to those desperate souls looking to “shake” out a quick meal.

On the subject of shaking, here is another dangerous event that could put a person’s life in danger – or send a vending machine crashing down.

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