When Salt Shakers Run Dry

When Salt Shakers Run Dry

(TacticalNews.com) – In a post-collapse scenario, salt ranks up there with the top hot commodities that will become as valuable as gold. That’s because salt has many other functions aside from flavoring a dish. Two of its main functions are keeping people alive and preserving food. So, what happens when you can’t find any?


Salt is vital to humans because it controls the balance of multiple systems in the body. If the body senses there isn’t enough salt, it can go into a sort of panic mode and retain fluids. If it has too much salt, it flushes the fluids out. The human body requires just the right amount for proper interaction between nerve impulses, muscle fibers and fluid balance in general.

Salt Options

If you can’t find salt, you have two options: derive it yourself or get it through an indirect source. To make salt yourself, you just have to expose it. If you have access to saltwater, simply slow boil it until the water mostly evaporates. Once you can see salt, you’ll want to slow the process down to avoid burning it. Do this by changing the method of evaporation. You can put the water in the sun or use an oven on a low setting to spread the heat out. Otherwise, you can seek out foods that naturally contain salt like spinach, chard, celery, carrots and beets.

As always, we’re going to suggest you plan ahead and stock up on more than just salt. Making your own jerky and learning to preserve meat with salt is a great way to ensure you can maintain healthy sodium levels at all times.

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