When SHTF & You’re Out of TP — DIY Bidet

When SHTF & You're Out of TP — DIY Bidet

(TacticalNews.com) – If the TP shortage of 2020 taught us anything, it’s that toilet paper seems to be one of the first things stores run out of in a crisis. Without that precious TP, how are you going to take care of business? Thankfully, using a bidet is always an option. Surprisingly, you can even find one in a pinch.

The video above offers simple instructions for using an old lotion or shampoo bottle filled with water as a bidet. Actually, you can use a variety of bottles to create a bidet. You just need to find ones with the right firmness. You also need to consider size when selecting a bottle. If you have small hands, smaller bottles work better.

Creating your bidet from a used bottle is simple. All you have to do is drill a hole in its cap using a 1/8” or 7/32” drill bit.

Once you finish, you’re able to start using your homemade bidet immediately. Simply reach under and spray from front to back until you can see clear running water. You have two options for drying off — you can air-dry or use a towel.

You can also use a variety of plants as toilet paper. However, it might be best to stick to your DIY bidet since plants offer various other uses than wiping yourself. Check out how you can survive with some plants you can find in your yard, including a few weeds.

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