Who Knew WD-40 Could Do All This?

Who Knew WD-40 Could Do All This?

(TacticalNews.com) – Ah yes, WD-40, a household name for a variety of reasons. WD-40 is great for getting rid of creaks and squeaks in hinges and other moving parts. However, did you know you could do this with WD-40?

Of course, we don’t condone the use of a makeshift flamethrower. However, it could be useful in a survival situation, especially for starting a fire. Speaking of starting fires, you can spray WD-40 onto your kindling, and it will help your fire ignite, making it easier to start a campfire.

WD-40 can also remove sap from surfaces, something that could prove rather useful should you need to handle tree branches, especially pines. Need to split wood to keep the fire going? No worries, simply spray WD-40 onto a fixed blade knife and give it a good whack! It may not be ideal, but fire is essential when your survival is in question.

Perhaps you’re not in a survival situation, but you have a terrible wasp problem. WD-40 sprayed onto buildings will help keep the number of wasp nests down. Perhaps you’re late for work and don’t have time to let the ice melt off of your windshield. Simply spray some WD-40 on it, and you’ll be off in no time.

Of course, there are many other uses of WD-40. To a certain extent, its uses are limited only by the imagination. Check out another household product that proves useful beyond its intended purpose. You can also read about this one instead — or both!

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