Zip Ties — How Did We Ever Survive Without Them?

Zip Ties — How Did We Ever Survive Without Them?

( – Almost every American home has zip ties thanks to their usefulness. These simple plastic pieces have earned their spot as vital everyday items, but did you know that they will also be incredibly useful in a survival situation? For instance, you can use them to create a simple zipper tie for use in winter when you’re wearing gloves.

Zip ties have plenty of other survival uses. For example, zip ties are excellent for color-coding your equipment. You can also use colored zip ties as trail markers for potential rescuers, to guide you back to camp or to make a trail to another vital location (such as a source of water or food).

You can use heavy-duty zip ties to secure a splint or bandage in a pinch. Likewise, they can be used as a tourniquet, but only as a last resort.

Heavy-duty zip ties can also be used to build a shelter if cordage isn’t available, and smaller ones can be used for tent repair.

Zip ties will help you survive, there’s always a chance someone might try to use them against you. If that happens here’s how to escape

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