8 Ways Shoelaces Can Save the Day

8 Ways Shoelaces Can Save the Day

(TacticalNews.com) – Our shoes help us get around in the world and protect our feet from the elements. When it comes down to it, our shoelaces are just as important as they keep our shoes in place on our feet. Sometimes however, we need to use them for something other than keeping our shoes on. Here are several ways shoelaces can save the day.

First up, as depicted in the video, we see a shoelace serving as a drawstring for a makeshift bow. It’ll likely take a few tries to get the right draw strength, but shoelaces are effective. Next, we can tie down tarps or other forms of shelter simply by using the shoelaces in the right areas.

You can also tie two ends of a stick to two separate shoelaces and hang it securely over a fire to cook meat and vegetables. Or, if you’d rather, you can use your shoelaces to start a fire. Due to their strong makeup, you can use them to make effective traps as well.

Pants falling down while you’re trekking through the desert or mountains? Well, it may be worth using a shoelace or two to create a belt to keep your pants on. Perhaps you’re hungry and would like to catch something to eat; shoelaces can even work as the fishing line and the lure to catch fish. Use shoelaces to tie your food to tree branches to avoid sharing with critters while you camp.

While there are plenty of creative ways to use shoelaces for survival, there are also a few situations where they shouldn’t be used as well. For example, NEVER use a shoelace to slow the circulation of blood after being bitten by a snake. Check out the do’s and don’ts of treating snake bites; there are several myths that are not only useless, but potentially dangerous as well.

Do you know of any other survival tricks using shoe laces? Have you ever had to use your shoelaces in a creative way? Reply to your email and let us know!

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