Are Shipping Containers Worth the Cost?

Are Shipping Containers Worth the Cost?

( – Shipping containers were at one point seen as a cheap and easy way to make underground bunkers. However, as preppers and other people soon found out, these containers only work well as bunkers if done perfectly. Most of the time they simply buckle under the weight of the dirt, not to mention they can rust quickly. That being said, shipping containers can be useful in other ways.

These containers are affordable, but their cost is still thousands of dollars and the equipment to move them can also come at a price. You’ll need plenty of space on your property as well, as even small containers are rather large. Perhaps the biggest flaw in regard to prepping with shipping containers is the lack of discreteness. It’s hard to miss a shipping container “hiding” in someone’s yard.

As the video shows, shipping containers can still work well for shelter or storage, just not underground. After all, they’re built to ship and store items and goods, even in bad weather, as long as their paint doesn’t get scratched or chipped too much. These containers come with a number of pros: prebuilt storage or shelter, different sizes available and affordable prices. They’re also durable while being easy to move with the right equipment.

If you’re looking to create a “bunker,” don’t invest money into shipping containers unless you can afford all of the extra provisions you’ll need to prepare them the correct way. Instead, check out how you can build a survival shelter at home, even with a low budget.

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