Avoid Obstacles…Properly Packing Your BOB

Avoid Obstacles...Properly Packing Your BOB

(TacticalNews.com) – If you’re one of the people looking to bug out at the first sign of trouble, you should know that there’s more to packing a bag than just stuffing it with survival gear. A properly packed bag can make a world of difference, especially when it comes to comfort.

Believe it or not, a properly packed bag feels like it weighs less than one haphazardly organized, as Miranda explained in the video below. A properly packed bag will have the weight distributed, giving you the feeling that it’s lighter.

To accomplish this feat, you first need to group your items by weight. Once you’ve done that, begin by packing lighter items towards the bottom to prevent anything dense and heavy from pressing into your lower back. Next, place heavy items in your backpack’s center or core. Then, you distribute moderately weighted items around the core. This packing method promotes good overall balance without overworking your shoulders and causing you to bend over to balance the weight over your hips.

You can place small items like your cell phone, wallet, and first aid kit in the bag’s outside pockets for easy accessibility and added stability.

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