Best Way to Win a Fight — Don’t Get in a Fight

Best Way to Win a Fight — Don't Get in a Fight

( – Let’s imagine you’re walking through a local bar or restaurant, and you bump into someone. It’s always possible to run into someone who has a bad temper or aggressive tendencies, but you’re not a fighter and would rather not fight someone unless you need to. Read on to find out how you can win the fight without throwing a single punch.

The video above points out that we can’t avoid conflict all of the time. While it’s true that you could find yourself in the situation described above, you don’t have to fight. The ability to de-escalate a problem is much more effective than fighting someone, though it may be harder to master.

Not only will this skill be valuable now, but it could become invaluable after SHTF. We can waste a lot of energy fighting, not to mention the physical impact a fight may have on the body. Neither is good to have when you’re trying to survive. The key to de-escalating an altercation is to keep a cool head and not react aggressively.

Showing weakness or timid behavior could get you in trouble, however, so be sure to check out how you can manage intimidation and fear in a fight. Hopefully, you can avoid the fight altogether, but sometimes people have ill intent, and nothing will stop them.

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