Choosing a Truck Gun

Choosing a Truck Gun

( – A truck gun can be a useful tool for self-defense, especially if you do not carry a handgun. Of course, your truck gun can be a handgun, but some people don’t have a permit for one and carry a long gun in their vehicle. Here are some things to consider when looking for a truck gun.

You can’t just buy any gun on the shelf and expect it to be a good fit for you. You need to feel comfortable shooting the firearm as well as have some knowledge in its caliber range. The gun also needs to fit you and your shooting style comfortably. Otherwise, you won’t be confident shooting it.

Choosing the right gun can vary depending on where you live. For example, urban environments aren’t the best place for an AR or longer ranged rifle as the collateral damage potential is too high. A shotgun would probably be best suited for urban environments.

A suburban area may permit longer ranged weapons, but not something that’s going to over-penetrate. You have much more leniency in rural areas as to what you can carry in your vehicle due to the low population density.

Proper storage of your truck gun is everything. Not everyone should know you have a firearm in your vehicle. Remember that a carbine style rifle is much easier to hide than a long barrel shotgun.

When it comes to ammo, use something that is going to be chambered in a standard caliber. Common calibers can be found just about anywhere and are easy to find.

Sights for your truck gun? Cheap optics are going to lose zero from bouncing around. So, either get quality optics or stick with iron sights.

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