Creating Your Own Home Range

Creating Your Own Home Range

( – Whether you’re a new gun owner or an avid collector, you’re going to want to go to the range at some point. After all, dry fire drills only get you so far until you need to feel how a firearm operates with live ammunition. If the ranges around you are closed often, or if you can’t easily make the trip to one, you can always create your own.

Of course, that’s if you live in an area where the law doesn’t prohibit you from creating a range. If you can, you’ll need to think about whether it’s safe for you to have a range on your property. After all, safety always comes first, especially in regards to firearms.

Shotguns are the easiest firearms to practice with, given their short range. You can use an open field with no houses, roads, or other areas frequented by people nearby. If you’re looking to fire slugs or buckshot, a shotgun should be treated as a short-range rifle, which means you’ll need to set up a berm or backstop.

Rifles shoot the furthest and pack the most energy. So, you have to be extra careful with setting up a range for them. Like using a shotgun with slugs, you will need an adequate berm or backstop when setting up your own range.

Setting up a range for pistols is relatively simple. You will need a backstop, berm, or bullet trap. However, the easiest way to set up a pistol range is to find a natural hill or berm and place a target in front of it.

For more details check out this tweet and accompanying article by Winchester.

Remember, safety should always come first. Check out these ways to protect your hearing while shooting.

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