Danger in Clear View

Danger in Clear View

(TacticalNews.com) – Dangers are all around us at all times; we just overlook most of them. In the home there are more hazards than one might realize. Guns are always going to pose a threat if we fail to store them properly, but there could be other high-risk areas in your home that are harder to see.

Reasons Why Windows Pose a Risk

We don’t often think of windows as dangers in a home. However, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), windows rank within the top five dangers we find inside. The majority of window-related injuries come from falls, which is a leading cause of injury on other fronts as well. SafeKids Worldwide reported that about eight children die annually as a result of falls out of windows, while another 3,300 are injured. The danger doesn’t stop there.

Window Coverings

Blinds and other window coverings often have mechanisms to adjust their height, usually in the form of loops or cords. Both pose risks of strangulation for children. Another eight children die every year after getting caught up in the cordage of window coverings, as reported by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

To avoid this risk of strangulation, be sure to buy window coverings that have inaccessible cords for children, or you can purchase cordless window coverings. The Window Covering Safety Council offers free retrofit kits when replacing older window coverings isn’t an option.

Potential Entry Point

Windows offer us a way to see the outside world from the comfort of our homes — but they also serve as portals inside for any would-be thieves. Not only can these people see into your home, but they can use your windows as a way to get inside. Be sure to have proper security measures in place; more often than not, simply locking windows is enough to thwart casual burglars.

Don’t Be a Statistic

Only you can prevent yourself and your family from becoming statistics from these dangers. One step to ensure children don’t harm themselves is to closely supervise them and keep windows closed and locked.

If you need to open them for ventilation, open only those out of the reach of children. Bug screens are designed to keep bugs out, not children in, so don’t rely on them to protect against potential falls.

Windows Can Save Your Life

In the event of an emergency, namely fires, windows can provide you with a secondary way to escape the blaze. Every room in your home should have a window to potentially escape a fire from. Be sure to practice with and teach children how to use the window to escape, both during the day and at night. Designate certain windows as emergency exits and create an emergency plan to exit the house; practice identifying as well as opening and closing these exits. Last but not least, always attempt to open a window first, instead of trying to break it, to skip the risk of lacerations.

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