Dogs — Not Always Your Best Defense

Dogs — Not Always Your Best Defense

( – Dogs are wonderful companions and often a part of the family. However, like many dog owners, you probably expect your dog to protect you, your home, and your family. Unfortunately, some dogs simply are too friendly to complete this task effectively.

A common misconception many have is thinking they are safe from attack because they have a big dog. However, unless properly trained, many dogs do not satisfy the role of a protector.

You can see in the included video that each family believed their dog would protect their home. Much to their surprise, none of the dogs did what was expected of them. Instead, they either tried to befriend intruders, or they surrendered to them. While it’s true that a dog’s presence may deter some criminals, that doesn’t work with all of them. That’s a good reason to consider taking self-defense courses

With burglars frequently changing their tactics, you should work to keep your home defenses up to date. Before you leave, you might check out these options to fortify your home against intruders.

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