Homestead Preparation: Build an Aqueduct


( – For those survivalists who chose to embrace life on a homestead, or who have purchased a property as a bug out location, getting water can be an issue. Often, these locations are so remote that connecting to municipal water lines simply isn’t an option. Hauling water back and forth to the property is an option, but this will get tiresome quickly, not to mention expensive. Worse, if things get bad in the world, the option to leave and acquire more water may evaporate before your eyes.

If there is a water source somewhere on the property, you’re in luck. One time-tested method of moving water from its natural location to your home can prevent a lot of headaches. Made famous by the ancient Romans, aqueduct systems are a great way to supply your home with fresh water.

How it’s Done

First, locate the source of water you want to tap into. A drought-resistant spring is a good choice, as the water isn’t stagnant and will still flow even in the hot summer months. The caveat here is that the source needs to be uphill from the location you wish it to flow (roughly 75 feet above the receptacle for best results).

Once you have located the source, next comes the receptacle where the water will be stored. This can be as simple as plastic storage tanks, or it could be a complex structure such as a concrete septic tank. Make sure whatever you choose has an overflow to release excess water.

Now it’s time to lay the pipe. This will take some work, because you’ll need to bury pipe beneath the local frost line. A frozen pipe will burst, leading to numerous problems. Connect the pipeline to the receptacle, then continue to work the line to the source. It’s important to have a screen covering the point of entry for the pipe. You don’t want frogs, bugs or other contaminants clogging up your line.

This method can also work to fill ponds for stocking fish or watering gardens. When using water collected this way, remember that because the water comes from nature, it will need to be purified before it’s drinkable.

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