Hotel Safety Tips for the Wary Traveler

Hotel Safety Tips for the Wary Traveler

( – Traveling is fun and exciting, especially when you’re going somewhere you’ve never been. But, while sightseeing can be a great experience, it can turn sour in a heartbeat. Imagine coming back to your motel/hotel room only to find that you’ve been robbed and now have no way of getting home. That’s why it’s essential to keep these safety tips in mind.


It’s never a bad idea to research not only the area you’re visiting but the specific location where you plan to stay when planning a trip. For example, check to see whether your motel/hotel has 24-hour staff and see what security measures they have in place. It’s even a good idea to use Google Maps to check out surrounding structures and look for exterior noise sources that you may want to avoid.

Avoid Ground Floor Rooms

In some cases, it’s better to stay on the ground floor in case of a fire. However, fires are much less common than burglaries, and the ground floor is the easiest for burglars to infiltrate. Therefore, it’s recommended to request higher floor rooms, never exceeding the sixth floor (beyond that is more difficult for firefighters to reach if there was a fire).

Room Security

Any valuables you have should be stored in the hotel’s safe or another secure location if you have one. Additionally, you can increase your room’s security using devices like the one discussed in this video.

Remember, you should never prop your door open for any reason. Likewise, always be sure to pull the door closed behind you and give it a push just to make sure it latched. Finally, for an added measure of “security,” you can place your “Occupied” or “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle even when you’re leaving the room to discourage any would-be burglars.

If you’re a lone traveler, be sure to follow these tips to keep yourself safe, as well as checking out how you can still be prepared when traveling internationally.

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