How to Handle Uninvited “Guests” During a Crisis


( – Regardless of how strong your operations security (OPSEC) is, there is always a chance someone will come looking to you for help in the aftermath of a disaster. Even if they have no idea that you’re a prepper, or that you have stockpiles of essential supplies, sometimes being a responsible individual with a good head on your shoulders is enough to draw others to you. If they come to you for advice now, chances are good they will do so again after the world has gone crazy.

The question of how to handle unexpected refugees has been a point of discussion in prepper groups for a long time. You don’t want to open your doors up to just anyone, or to put your family at risk of going without by taking on more people. On the other hand, there is strength in numbers.

Can You Help?

The first thing to consider when facing this situation is whether you have the resources to help. It doesn’t matter if the people at your door are friends, extended family, coworkers, or neighbors. If you don’t have the supplies, don’t let them in.

A good way to convince them that you’re in dire straits, too, is to begin by asking them if they brought anything with them to help you. You can state you haven’t had anything to eat in days and put on an act of desperation so they look somewhere else to find help. Yes, lying may be immoral, but if it means the difference between you and your family starving or surviving, lying may be the way to go.

Strength in Numbers

In a bad situation, there is strength in numbers. If you can trust the people asking for help, and you have the ability to take them in, it may be a good idea to do so.

More hands to share work and more minds to think through problems can be a great asset. Also, more bodies make defending what you have a lot easier. Desperate people may choose to look for easier targets if they see you have plenty of people to fend off a potential attack.

Before letting anyone in, make it abundantly clear that work will be required if they stay. In fact, should you open your doors to them, put them to work immediately to ensure they’re willing to help out and won’t simply be dead weight in your survival group. This can range from anything the likes of doing dishes, hauling water, or weeding your survival garden to unpleasant chores like emptying latrine buckets.

If you do intend to bring in outsiders after a world-altering event, you may want to check out our article on how to prepare for refugees.

If a large-scale disaster struck, would you choose to help others in need, or would you fend for yourself? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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