How to Hunt Wild Birds for Survival

How to Hunt Wild Birds for Survival

( – Being lost in the woods is obviously a scary thing, especially for someone who doesn’t have a lot of survival experience or knowledge. Once shelter and water are taken care of, eventually, hunger is going to become a problem.

While most people think of survival foods as hunting wild deer, trapping squirrels, or even fishing, there is one source that often gets overlooked – birds. Birds are a great source of protein, and aren’t as hard to catch as it would seem at first glance.

Birds have a high fat and protein content, making them a great food source for survival. Of course, most birds are rather small, so it may take a couple to make a decent meal. However, with certain catching methods, such as the one in the video, you’re saving time and energy by passively trapping the animals.

Another great way to catch birds is the cup method. Line the inside of a cup with a sticky substance such as honey and place some food at the bottom. The bird will attempt to reach the food in the cup and become stuck in the honey. It’s important to check these traps every couple of hours; otherwise, the bird may escape.

If eating birds isn’t your style, you could always go fishing given there’s an adequate body of water. Of course, with no fishing pole, it may be a little difficult to catch fish — unless you check out our article covering fishing with a trap and learn how to make it and use it effectively.

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