How to Prevent Violence in Your Neighborhood

3 Ways to Prevent Violence in Your Neighborhood

( – Imagine you’ve lived in the same neighborhood your whole life with little to no problem. Sure, there’s been a scuffle here and there in the past, but now violence seems to be a persistent problem. What are some steps you can take to keep your childhood home and neighborhood safe?

The video above may be slightly outdated, but it still holds valuable information. Neighborhood watch groups are a great way to hinder an uprise of violence in your community. However, keep in mind that there’s a fine line between being a concerned citizen and a nosy neighbor. Consider working with police to help reduce violent tendencies in your neighborhood. In addition, the police may be able to help your neighborhood watch get off the ground.

Perhaps the best way to keep your community safe is to start a youth group with at-risk or troubled teens. After all, sometimes all a teenager needs is to know their future matters, and that someone does care about them.

These are only a few examples of how to keep a community safe, but nothing will ever improve if you don’t get involved. Sometimes these violent outbursts are the result of past trauma, as seen in some war veterans. Check out how you can be a good neighbor and make sure you don’t cause someone to have a PTSD episode.

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