How to Safely Pass a Firearm

Conceal Carry Technique Series: Clear Mentality

( – Owning a firearm comes with a great deal of responsibility. Regardless of where you are, or what the situation is, safety is always the top priority. This is especially true when passing a firearm to another person.

Gun safety is the single most crucial aspect of owning a firearm. The video above demonstrates how to transfer a handgun over to another person. But bear in mind, this technique isn’t restricted to small arms. You should take care to handle all firearms this way.

Anytime someone is handing over a gun, it should be empty of all ammunition. The firearm should be checked, double-checked, and even triple-checked to ensure there is no round in the chamber. Likewise, the person receiving the gun should recheck it to confirm there isn’t a round in the chamber.

As the firearm is being passed, the muzzle should always be pointed in a safe direction. Even with the checks having been made, there is always a chance a round was overlooked, so it’s better to side on caution than suffer an accidental discharge.

Speaking of gun safety, it’s particularly important to take additional caution when transporting firearms around children. For example, you need to take the proper precautions when using or carrying weapons around them. Check out this article discussing the best way to safely transport a gun in a vehicle with children.

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