Stockpiling Sandbags… and Why

Stockpiling Sandbags… and Why

( – Sandbags may not seem worthwhile to stock up on, but they’re actually a wonderful item to add to your preps. They can certainly do more than just hold sand. Let’s take a look at some of the applications that prove their potential.

It’s Simply a Bag

As the name suggests, sandbags are ultimately just bags you fill with sand. Of course, sand isn’t the only material you can put into these bags. Perhaps you’d like to forage for berries but don’t have a way to carry everything you find. Don’t worry, empty sandbags are here to help.

The fact that they’re bags that can be easily stored and are relatively cheap is a good reason to have some stockpiled somewhere. You’re sure to use them eventually.


It’s no surprise that sandbags are great at stopping projectiles, another reason why you should have them. Obviously, there’s a reason militaries use them to create foxholes and makeshift bunkers. Sandbags can stop high-powered rifle cartridges effectively, especially when layered properly. But their usefulness doesn’t end there.


Now, this may come as a surprise to some people, but filled sandbags can insulate well. In fact, it’s common for farmers to fill sandbags and line their livestock water troughs with them to prevent freezing. You can stack sandbags on the outside walls of your home to increase its insulation, making it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Plus, your house becomes virtually bulletproof. Stack around other buildings, such as sheds or garages, to achieve the same effect.


We don’t necessarily have to sacrifice comfort to survive a SHTF event, and sandbags might be able to help. You might be wondering how sandbags can add to anyone’s comfort. Well, you can stuff them full of leaves, dry grass, pine needles or, if you have it, stuffing.

Of course, there are plenty of materials that can work for makeshift pillows, cushions and even beds. Consider using the burlap sandbags, if you can, as the polypropylene may not make the best pillows.

Sharpening Your Skills

How in the world would sandbags help you sharpen your skills? For one, you can use them for target practice whether you have a handgun, rifle, crossbow, bow, set of knives, a spear or any other weapon. You can also use cardboard, but be sure to exercise more caution when using projectiles. Practicing with your weapons will help you learn how to effectively use them, making you more likely to come out on top if you were ever to have to defend yourself.

In addition to target practice, a full bag can weigh 50 pounds, sometimes more. Use these bags as a way to work out and lift weights, gaining muscle without the use of expensive gym equipment. No harm in being physically fit. Of course, survival fitness is more than gaining a nice physique.

Final Notes

Sandbags’ uses are only limited by your imagination. You can create shelter using several sandbags stitched together, or you can keep filled sandbags in your trunk during winter months to help increase the amount of traction your car has in bad weather. In addition, the sand inside the bags can help produce traction if you get stuck.

These bags are great to have around the house and in the car. Be sure to check out other items you should have in your car’s winter safety kit, and don’t get stuck in the cold. Also, check out what you can do if you do become stranded.

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