Is It OK To Leave Magazines Loaded?

Is It OK To Leave Magazines Loaded?

Magazines aren’t the disposable items the movies make them out to be. In fact, they’re one of the most vital parts of a modern firearm and they need to be carefully looked after to make sure your weapon will work reliably when you need it. Sadly, there are some misconceptions about magazines.

The most common myth about magazines is that leaving them loaded will weaken the spring.

A worn-out magazine spring will destroy the reliability of even the best-maintained weapon. You’ll get constant feed failures as the weakened spring struggles against gravity to feed rounds.

Many people try to avoid this by rotating their magazines — for example, keeping three loaded and one empty, then unloading one weekly and transferring its rounds into the empty one. The idea is to “give the springs a rest.”

In fact, leaving a magazine spring fully compressed — or fully extended — won’t harm it at all. You can leave magazines loaded for years and they’ll be fine. What does the damage is the act of compressing or extending the spring.

By unloading a magazine to “rest” the spring you’re actually wearing it out faster. Protect your gear, and be even readier for a crisis, by just leaving all your mags loaded.

When it comes to firearm care, the more you know the better shape you can keep your weapon in.

This is one myth you can safely disregard.

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