How to Treat an Acid Burn

How to Treat an Acid Burn

( – Although they are rarely experienced outside Hollywood movies, acid burns are very real and happen more often than one might expect. Potentially serious injuries, need to be handled properly to ensure minimal damage. Here’s a video describing the steps to take in the event of an acid burn.

Acid is any compound with a pH level lower than 7.0 and is typically quite caustic. You can accidentally come into contact with acid via a spill, splash, or by improperly jump-starting a vehicle. Of course, you could also be the victim of a gruesome attack.

Whatever the case may be, the treatment involves water — lots of water. Do not attempt to neutralize the acid by adding a base to the acid burn. If you do so, you will compound the problem by adding a thermal burn to the chemical burn already sustained from the acid.

You need to flush the affected area for at least 20 minutes to wash away as much of the acid as you can and dilute any remaining residue. After you’ve rinsed the area, transport the affected person to a medical facility if possible.

You can ease discomfort along the way by administering over-the-counter painkillers, antibiotic ointment, all natural aloe vera, or a cool compress. However, you cannot use oils, butter, egg whites, ice, or toothpaste. Additionally, do not pop any blisters that may form as the fluid inside may cause the burn to spread.

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