Keeping Your Cool When Mother Nature Turns Up the Heat

Keeping Your Cool When Mother Nature Turns Up the Heat

( – It’s 87 degrees out, and it’s only 10:00 a.m. It’s going to be another hot and muggy day. When you’re unfortunate enough not to have access to air conditioning, extreme heat can be miserable — even fatal at times. The key is knowing how to stay cool in an event like this.

Heat rises, so stay on the lowest level of your home during the hottest point of the day. A family room or living space within a basement is normally cooler than the floors above. Many of the appliances found in most common living quarters produce heat. Avoid these areas when possible.

The video mentions strategic ways to circulate and exhaust air with the use of fans and windows. Sitting in front of a fan is also helpful at times. A “box” fan blowing over a container full of ice can be cooling because it gives off air that’s colder than your core body temperature. Sweat evaporating may feel cooler even when air from the fan is 96.8 degrees or higher, but it can be deceiving. You can actually increase your temperature by circulating warm air if you don’t have any moisture to evaporate off your skin.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and energy drinks as these dehydrate the body. Increase your water intake to ensure hydration, dress lightly and use cold wash cloths or misting bottles as methods to cool down areas of your body.

Most importantly, pay attention to how your body reacts to the heat. Hyperthermia can often require medical attention. Learn how to identify and survive the dangers of heat-related illnesses.

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