Miniature Survival Kit for EDC

Miniature Survival Kit for EDC

( – It can become strenuous to carry your survival gear with you everywhere you go, not to mention the unwanted attention it can draw. The good news is you still have options to pack several necessary items to survive – without sacrificing gray man, or room in your pocket.

The video above breaks down how you can turn even the smallest of Tic Tac packs into a survival kit. Sure, you may not be able to hold all of those fancy gizmos and gadgets, but you can survive, and that’s what matters. You’re not just limited to using the small pack either; you can opt to use a bigger one to hold even more items.

These packs can help you get a jump start in a survival situation, which is a good thing. With the bigger packs, you can hold plastic bags, a compass, cordage, a small flashlight and likely a small lighter. You may even be able to fit a small knife into the pack. Again, the video above gives you great insight into what you can accomplish with these packs.

Of course, these aren’t your only options for everyday carry items. Check out how you can have a survival kit no one would ever think twice about. Or you can check out this incognito survival kit as well.

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