Products to Avoid After a Nuclear Catastrophe


( – The prospect of a nuclear detonation scares everyone, and with good reason. These explosions can level several city blocks; just look back to 1947, when the United States bombed Japan. Now, with the advancements in technology, nuclear weapons are even more dangerous than the Nagasaki and Hiroshima blasts.

You can still survive these explosions and the fallout that follows if you’re far enough away from the epicenter, although you’ll have to change your life for a few days.

As the video explains, the fallout will only last so long; if you’re not incinerated by the blast and you stay indoors afterward, your chances of surviving are good. For many people, avoiding the outdoors isn’t a problem. However, they may have a serious problem if they continue to use some everyday items, such as hair conditioners.

That’s right, it’s recommended that you don’t use a hair conditioner if you’re within the range of a nuke’s fallout. The reason is that the tiny dust particles can work their way into the open spaces of your hair. Conditioner effectively closes these gaps and traps the radioactive dust inside.

To play it on the safe side, they also suggest avoiding any product that is sticky or oily — body lotions, skin moisturizers, oily cosmetics, etc. Since these products are applied to your skin they can have the same issue of attracting dust and radiation particles.

It may be wise to skip out on conditioning your hair, or using personal care products until the fallout has cleared to avoid any complications. There are conventional, straightforward ways to survive a nuke, and being inside a structure with reinforcements is one. Sandbags can be another great way to help protect your home from radiation. Be sure to check other reasons why sandbags are a smart item to stockpile.

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